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Investment Property – The Cons

If rates rise or rents fall during the build you will pay the price -with long lead-ins this can be a real problem.Even if prices do rise over the build period, there’s no guarantee that it will be easy to sell on the property at completion (‘flipping’). If there are lots of investors in the same property development it can be difficult.The market changes and it proves more difficult to let than you imagined.Whatever your objectives, the whole business is something of a gamble. So careful research is essential to help minimise the risks – and maximise the gains.

The Off Plan Property Investments Promise

Find a reliable installer to carry out all your roofing work this winter with myredlandroof’s reputable list of local roofing contractors, all of whom are Trust Mark standard approved.

Off Plan Property Investments offers you this guidance and advises you to do your research weighing up the costs and potential problems you could face in buying an investment property, however the previously mentioned cons are never an issue with Off Plan Property Investments as we cover you for just these eventualities. Our investment properties are on a fixed price basis so you will never have to pay out any more than your original reservation fee. We are able to make this possible by doing our own in depth research using our vast knowledge of the property market and more specifically investment property. Look through our site for our current investment property details.

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